How to Overcome Dry and Scaly Facial Skin !!

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Dry facial skin makes us uncomfortable and insecure because usually when facial skin becomes dry it is accompanied by itching, roughness, scaling, and sometimes even some people also experience exfoliation on their facial skin. If this continues to be left unaddressed then over time it will certainly make us embarrassed to leave the house and embarrassed when meeting with friends.

Actually to deal with dry and scaly facial skin is very easy, maybe some of us rely on moisturizers to cover their dry skin. But you know, even though moisturizers can make facial skin become moist and not dry, but that is only temporary because if you clean your face, your facial skin will dry again as before. Therefore, we must completely overcome this problem of dry skin.

One effective way that we can do to deal with dry and scaly face skin is to do routine maintenance using natural ingredients. Here below are some natural ingredients that can be relied upon to overcome the problem of dry and scaly face skin.

Fig overcome dry and scaly facial skin

1. Banana and avocado
The first natural ingredients are bananas and avocados. You can use both fruits to overcome the problem of dry and scaly skin. The nutritional content of avocado and bananas can not only help whiten the face, but can also make facial skin naturally moist.

Simply smooth one banana and one avocado, for best results, you can also add a small papaya fruit. After everything is smooth, mix the natural ingredients, and stir until well combined. Apply the mask over your entire face evenly and leave it on for 20 minutes. If so, please rinse your face with warm water, then rinse it again using cold water. Dry your face and finally use a moisturizer.

2. Olive oil
Then another natural ingredient that can substitute you is olive oil. You may all know the benefits of olive oil, not only good for facial skin, but also very good for the health of our bodies. Well, for those who have problems with dry and scaly facial skin, you can rely on olive oil to overcome these problems.

Just use olive oil at night when you want to sleep, then leave it overnight, then rinse it in the morning. Use it every day because olive oil is very safe and does not irritate the facial skin.

3. Egg yolk and honey
A combination of honey and egg yolk is also effective to overcome dry and scaly facial skin. The trick is to mix one piece of chicken egg yolk with a tablespoon of honey, then stir well until the two ingredients are evenly mixed. Apply the mask to the facial skin evenly and let it sit for 20 minutes. After that, rinse your face with clean water. Routine use will be very useful in moisturizing and brightening the face.

4. Jojoba oil
You can also use jojoba oil to treat dry, scaly skin. Jojoba oil is said to resemble very human sebum, so it is very useful for moisturizing the face. You can just use jojoba oil evenly over the entire face and allow it to dry. Use regularly to moisturize your skin naturally.

5. Sunscreen
Sunlight is one of the reasons for dry and scaly skin, so you should always use sunscreen when you go out. The sunscreen will protect your face from sun exposure so that the skin is kept moist throughout the day. Apply sunscreen lightly before you leave the house.

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