5 Tips For Your Body to Be Fit in the Rainy Season

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Tips for staying healthy in the rainy season
Everyone has different endurance, but there are times when there is an “umbrella before the rain” until unwanted things like illness do not occur.

1. Avoid exposure to rain

Providing an umbrella or raincoat is very important as these two objects will be very useful when it suddenly rains when you are using a roofless vehicle.

There is no danger of always wearing an umbrella or raincoat, even on a sunny morning without any signs of rain. Wearing an umbrella or raincoat can protect the body from raindrops.

What if you didn’t bring both of those objects, it would be good for you to wait for the rain to fall in advance and not have to push through the storm.

2. Eat and drink healthy

Rain often falls in the morning, evening, evening, or night, resulting in colder temperatures, the body needs more calories and nutrients to keep the body from getting sick.

Also, increase the intake of foods containing many vitamin C and antioxidants from fruits, vegetables, or supplements to strengthen the immune system.

Despite the rainy season, you should still meet the body’s drinking water requirements, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is highly recommended. Also, you can take warm drinks such as tea, chocolate, or coffee.

3. Maintain personal hygiene and environment

The humid and cold conditions make some people hesitate to deal with water too often.

While maintaining personal hygiene, such as washing your hands before eating, is mandatory against viruses, bacteria, or fungus that can cause diarrhea and other health problems.

It is also essential to maintain the cleanliness of the environment when floods can bring a variety of dirty things into the home.

These objects are generally contaminated with a variety of diseases that are quite harmful to health. Clean your home or yard as soon as the floods come down from mud, dirty objects, and the like.

4. Keep your body warm

It often rains during the day, making the temperature cooler and humid.

Wear warm clothing such as clothes, jackets, socks, and other accessories to keep the body fresh.

What if you get soaked from the heavy rain to go home, you need to shower immediately with warm water and eat or drink warm and cover yourself with warm clothes.

5. Get enough and quality rest

Rain often occurs at work or after school. The body is tired, tired, and tired with the rain coming home.

Every day during the rainy season, things like this become commonplace, so applying a healthy lifestyle with ample rest and quality is required.

According to Lifestyle Compass, adults should sleep at least 7-8 hours every night, and children need 9-11 hours. Some people who have difficulty sleeping can get to bed fast in 30 seconds.

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