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7 Ways to Stay Healthy During Rainy Season

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Illustration, flu (Shutterstock)

Various diseases such as colds, flu, and dengue also lie before the eyes. Therefore, we must be able to maintain our health to remain fit and be able to carry out our daily activities as much as possible. Here are seven ways to stay healthy in the rainy season:

1. Keep your body warm. Have you ever wondered why we often get the flu when it’s wet from the rain? The researchers found that a cold body, especially the feet, can cause flu symptoms in a person who is already exposed to the flu virus. When the body tries to keep ourselves warm, the body limits blood flow to our feet, including the nose. This makes the cold nose a favorite place for many viruses. Therefore, we must make sure to protect us by wearing warm clothes when the rainy season arrives.

2. Consumption of vitamin C, whether in its natural form or as a dietary supplement, can help recover from the flu virus. Although there is still debate among doctors about whether vitamin C is a cure for influenza, eating enough vitamin C can boost your immune system so that we are not susceptible to flu. Try to consume foods that contain vitamin C, such as red and green peppers, papaya, and pineapple, so you don’t feel sick quickly.

3. Bathing with warm water after falling in the rain will slowly increase your body temperature. This method can also help us get rid of germs and protect us from infection. In addition to bathing, we can also soak up our feet with warm water.

4. Consumption of warm drinks In addition to tasty feeling, the use of warm beverages in the rainy season is also perfect for our health. We can consume green tea or hot chocolate. Also, we can try a bowl of hot soup to keep our body temperature warm. This method can make us not live colds or infections that can occur due to sudden changes in body temperature.

5. Maintaining hygiene and regularity In the rainy season, people are more likely to stay indoors and close windows to keep them warm. Although this may seem comfortable, germs are likely to spread, so we need to keep our living environment clean. Even if you have a cold, keep your hands clean by washing them regularly or using hand sanitizers.

6. Insufficient fluid intake When temperatures are cold, we tend to consume less water because we do not feel thirsty quickly. Dehydration is not always dry. So, keep drinking even though you don’t feel hungry. Liquids are an essential component of the body because it helps us to detoxify the body. Therefore, we meet the needs of our body fluids.

7. Attention to eating, pay attention to food intake, and not carelessly eat during the rainy season. We recommend that we cook our consumed food until hygiene and nutrition are guaranteed.

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