How to stay healthy and fit the 60s

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The human body has its limits, and as you get older, the energy decreases, and it supports your organization. In the elderly or elderly, health begins to decline from digestion to physical recovery

As you age, muscle mass decreases, and joint function is not optimal. Dr. Adeline Devita, Kalbe Nutritionals Medical Marketing Manager, explained that as we get older, the spine also ages.

The joints of the spinal cord, which are most frequently seen, increasingly lose fluid, reduce their function as shock absorbers, thereby increasing spinal cord injury and are often felt from the knees, elbows, finger joints, hip joints, neck to shoulder Cause pain.

“It’s because, starting at age 40, about one percent of the muscle mass is lost a year,” Dr. Adelin told detikhealth.

To overcome this, Dr. Aderin suggested physical activity to increase muscle mass. However, if you feel that your body has become less flexible due to increasing age, you can add yoga and Pilates activities that are performed in daily exercise. This improves flexibility, body strength, balance, and range of motion.

“Aging increases affect almost every part of the body, including hair, skin, heart, muscles, and other organs. However, if you have a good lifestyle from an early age, you can control the harmful effects of aging. To reduce and keep your daily activities at their optimal levels, “said Dr. Aderin.

Also, early consumption of calcium-rich foods and drinks can help minimize joint and bone degeneration processes.

“Furthermore, we maintain our posture so that bones are always in the right state, consume foods containing vitamin D for calcium absorption, and contain a lot of proteins that help build and repair body tissue and increase muscle mass.” Said Dr. Aderin.

In addition to continuing to exercise, you need to eat a variety of diets to maintain a healthy body, including milk that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and calcium.

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