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Sometimes forget to care for eye health although the eyes are included in the five most important senses in the human body. Without eyes, we cannot see the beauty of the world and the faces of the people closest to us. To ensure your eyes stay healthy as you age, here are ten ways to care for your eye health, according to Show.

1. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

Carrots are loaded with beta-carotene, which is very useful in maintaining eye health. This is because beta-carotene is an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

2. Avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 19 hours

This can cause permanent eye damage and discomfort to your eyes. Do not wear glasses too long.

3. Reduce the use of eye drops

Reduce the use of eye drops. Using eye drops to treat red eye is good, but only occasionally. If they are excessive, they will damage the health of your eyes.

4. Use option

Use the option to compress the eyelids. Apply cold, soft cucumber slices to the eyelids for 10 minutes before bed at night to prevent swelling.

5. Wear UV-proof sunglasses

Use polarized lenses, not just dark lenses. UV sunglasses are needed to combat sun exposure.

6. Avoid sitting for a long time in front of the computer

To keep your eye healthy, try not to spend too much time in front of your computer screen. Can make eyes tired.

7. Wear glasses in time

Be sure to wear glasses or other eye protection when working around chemicals or places that contain dangerous airborne particles.

8. Do not read in low light

To maintain eye health, avoid reading in low light that can cause eye strain. If the eye feels tired, stop for a while and rest.

9. Do not immediately see a bright light

Do not immediately see a bright light. Don’t focus your eyes on the sun, because it can damage your eyes.

10. Train the eyes and make it relax

Try to focus your eyes on an object near you, an object that is a short distance away. Repeat this process several times.

Sit down, put elbows on your hips, close your eyes and close your eyes with the palm of your hand. Keep your palm covering your eyes for 10 seconds. Open your eyes and repeat as needed.

Here are ten ways to keep your eye healthy. Remember that it is better to prevent treatment. Take care of your eyes because, without them, you will not be able to see the beauty of the world. This

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