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Tips to increase breast milk production naturally

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Foto: Istockphoto/ipolonina

For some mothers, breastfeeding is not easy. One of them, there is a concern that ASI is not enough for the child because the production is not much. Various factors also become the reason that the production of nursing mothers is not much, for example, due to psychological and health problems, some of which are due to a lack of proper eating.

In order to eliminate this anxiety, it is best to try the following tips to increase milk production naturally.

1. The right amount of fluid

Breastfeeding mothers are strongly advised to eat with full nutrition. Not only that, pay attention to fluid intake to avoid dehydration and low milk production. If you have difficulty meeting your fluid needs, you can add pieces of fruit to the water, so drinking is not boring.

2. Breastfeeding often
One of the best ways to increase milk production is to continue breastfeeding your baby. Your baby will absorb the nipple more times and secrete the breast.

Empty breast condition will give the body a signal to increase milk production. When the breast is full, milk production is low. Pause for the next breastfeeding session until your breasts are full. The more frequent breastfeeding, the higher the milk production.

3. Oats

Oatmeal includes foods that are easily served. These foods are identified to reduce the risk of post-pregnancy diabetes. Oatmeal contains galactagogue or compounds that can lead to milk production so that it helps mothers to increase milk production. In addition, the fibre content is useful for digestion.

Besides oatmeal, you can eat wheat and flaxseed. On the market now also sells a variety of cookies or snacks made from wheat, oats and flaxseed.

4. Almonds

Mothers can rely on almonds to encourage milk production. Omega-3 content helps increase hormone performance so that it produces more milk.

Almonds can be consumed as a snack, processed in almond milk, or added as a softening bowl. In addition to breastfeeding purposes, the content of vitamin E in almonds can reduce the itch of stretch marks after birth.

5. Katok leaves
Certainly, breastfeeding mothers in Indonesia add kapok leaves to their dietary intake. It is believed that kapok leaves are capable of encouraging milk production. This has also been scientifically proven by a review published in the Asian Journal of Chemistry. In the review mentioned that the plant named Latin Sauropus androgynus (L.) Merry contains the galaxy. No wonder that the consumption of kapok leaves can facilitate breast milk.

In addition, kapok leaves also contain many other important nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium and iron.

6. Brown rice
According to Mom Junction, a paper titled “Increasing the supply of breast milk to herbal galactagogues” says brown rice can increase milk production. Brown rice can increase appetite, so mothers are encouraged to eat more. (Els / fef)

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